Life Insurance & Disability Income

LIFE INSURANCE - Create A Lifeline That Will Last A Lifetime

Is there a sadder situation than that of a young widow with small children sobbing at the funeral of her husband?  Or what about the sad wake of a single mother struck down in the prime of life, leaving two children to fend for themselves?

Without life insurance, how will the surviving family members(s) make ends meet and maintain the lifestyle they have become accustomed to? 

Will they be able to pursue the dreams they have hoped to (retire, college for the kids, pay off the mortgage)?

Are you receiving life insurance as a benefit of your job?  That is a great benefit!  However, please remember, it is only a great perk if you are working.  If you lose that job, you lose the life insurance.

Consider Life Insurance for:

Immediate Needs:  Funeral Costs; Unpaid Medical Costs; etc.

Readjustment Needs:  Mortgage Payoff; Auto Loans; Student Loans; Credit Cards; Survivor Income; Business Continuation plans, etc.

Legacy Needs:  College Fund(s); Charitable Gifting; Retirement Fund; etc.


Life insurance will provide for financial needs after the primary wage earner passes away.  Also consider how you will make ends meet if your spouse, who is not the major wage earner, dies...will you need to pay for additional daycare or after school care?  What about having to bring in someone to help with household chores?  The interesting thing is that life insurance can cost so little.  Especially if purchased early in life.

If you do not have Life Insurance now, you are not alone.  Only 44% of U.S. Households have individual Life Insurance (this is a 50-year low!).  So don't delay.  Talk to us about protecting your loved ones against financial ruin.

The professionals at Harbor Insurance will make sure your loved ones are supported if something happens to you.  We will show you all of your life insurance options.


Protection For Your Most Valuable Asset...

Your ability to earn a wage and make a living to support your family, pay your bills, and have funds to do the things you love all depends on you being healthy enough to work.  If you became ill or injured and couldn't work, how would you make it?  Would you be able to continue in the lifestyle you are used to?

We can provide you with protection to replace earned income while totally disabled from sickness or an accident.  Worldwide, 24 hour-a-day coverage while on or off the job.

Group Disability Insurance you may have through your employer typically covers 60% of your gross income, and benefits are usually taxable?  Can you afford more than a 40% pay cut?

Even with saving 10% of your annual salary, one year of disability could easily wipe out many years of savings.

Did you know that the average annual cost for Disability Income protection is typically only about 1% - 3% of what you earn?

For the cost of a daily cup of premium coffee, you could have Disability Income protection.  While the cup of coffee is an “affordable luxury,” it doesn’t provide much security.  An individual Disability Income policy provides monthly benefits (“a paycheck”) to help pay everyday living expenses, such as your mortgage, utilities, groceries, and medical bills (which typically increase with a disability) if you become too sick or hurt to work.

FINALLY…  Did you know that people usually don’t get healthier as they grow older (go figure…).  Life Insurance and Disability Insurance will only get more expensive.  And depending on your health circumstances as you age, coverage may not be available when you eventually decide to consider the proper insurance protection.

Do not allow your family to flounder if you meet an untimely end or unexpected disability.  Contact us to discuss your options.

At Harbor Insurance we understand the importance of protection and the contentment of peace of mind.  We have been providing it to your neighbors throughout South Florida since 1901.

Complete the Protection Savings Form now and let the professionals at Harbor Insurance craft a lifeline that will last a lifetime.