Florida Boat, Yacht and Personal Watercraft Insurance

In 10 Seconds, The Boat Drifted 20 Feet

Recently a four friends took a their 21ft Fishing boat out on a beautiful Florida Sunday afternoon. The ocean was calm like a lake that day so they went about 2 miles offshore looking for "weed lines" to drop a quick line and test their luck for a quick fish. There wasn't any signs of fish and they decided to take a quick dip in the ocean before heading back in. Enjoying their day, they all jumped in together on a whim. All four of them. Before the boat was anchored.

As soon as the captain hit the water, he realized what they had done. By the time he began furiously swimming toward the boat, it had already drifted 20 feet. . Three passengers were found by the Coast Guard the next morning. And a shipping vessel passing through found the captain treading water several miles from where the boat was found the following afternoon; the boat had drifted 9 miles south.

If you have spent any time in the water, be it a lake, river or ocean, you know what can happen and it happens quickly; the weather, the currents, the wind patterns - they can change in a second sometimes even without warning! At Harbor Insurance, we will protect you, your boat and your passengers with the precise Boat Insurance needed for your specific vessel.

Coverage Options Are Available For Your Boat Or Personal Watercraft

Whether you have a small fishing boat, a vintage wood vessel, a set of wave-runners or a 200 foot yacht with tender, we can tailor a policy specifically for you. We have various insurance carriers that we are able to provide comprehensive coverage options to you with from basic coverage to extended coverage including Full Replacement options.

Some policy features you may wish to consider when requesting a quotation for boat or personal Watercraft Insurance are:

  • Vessel/Hull Coverage
  • Personal Items & Belongings
  • Fishing Equipment & Electronics
  • On Water Towing Options
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Boaters Coverage
  • Experience Discounts
  • Seasonal Usage
  • Storage/Boat Lift Options
  • Wreckage Removal

Contact our office to discuss these and other coverage options that may be available to you.

Harbor Insurance: Providing Watercraft Insurance Solutions.

As serene as the water appears is when a storm will rear up or another boat will lose an engine in the marina and collide into you. A boating accident can ruin your peace of mind, finances and in some cases, it will even take a life. For the price of a few dollars a month, you may be protected against any unforeseen activity that occurs on the water or to your boat or personal watercraft.

We have protected the residents of Florida's Treasure Coast and South Florida from boating accidents since 1901. We know our area, the endless dangers and the waters in it. With your help, we will review coverage options and assist you in finding the right policy for you and your watercraft.

Request a Boat Insurance Quote right now, before that boat launches so we can help you obtain the best Watercraft Insurance coverage for your needs. The licensed insurance agents at Harbor Insurance will contact you with boat protection options that will pay for itself in peace of mind as well as dollars and cents.